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DIY suggestions please!

I haven't done any DIY for my wedding, but the fiance and I wanted to give it a shot with our table numbers. I bought a bunch of shadow boxes w/glass fronts. Similar to these: 
I also bought wooden numbers to go inside. 
Our colors are navy blue (bm's dresses, linens), ivory (flowers, napkins, candles) and gold (chivari chairs/small accents)

What colors would you suggest I paint the table number frames/numbers/backs? 
Fiance likes the idea of somehow tying in a wood stain that matches the wood panelling of the venue. Thoughts?

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Re: DIY suggestions please!

  • I personally would paint them ivory with a navy background and do the numbers in gold. If your table covers are dark I think dark frames will "get lost" KWIM??
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    I think you should paint the frames gold, and the numbers navy. Then, find an ivory/gold print fabric and glue it to the backboard of the frame (instead of painting). I did this with frames for my son's room (to spell his name) and I loved how the fabric gave it texture and dimension.
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  • The darker number on the lighter background is better for visibility (and I like the contrast ;)
    I love pretty's suggestion ;) The texture would be awesome!
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