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Addressing Q?

I only have an outer envelope and was wondering how you are supposed to address a family if you want them to know their children are invited as well. Like if you say Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and family? Or do you just assume they know the whole family is invited. Or how does that work? Sorry probably a dumb Q but I'm not sure which is correct. Thanks!

Re: Addressing Q?

  • You can say "and family" but it is a tad bit dangerous. They might reply back with Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe also on the RSVP card.

    Let's say Jack and Jane Smith have two kids- Jamie and Ellen. The invite looks like this:

    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith
    Jamie Smith
    Ellen Smith
    1245 Treehouse Road
    Williamson, Wyoming
  • Not only is it dangerous but it's incorrect.

    People have names.  Please use them.
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