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HELP! Save-the-Date Wording Question!!!

My FI came up with a great idea for our STDs but we're having trouble figuring out the wording!  The basis of our STD is similar to a Love Timeline, however instead of using dates, we're using significant numbers in our relationship.  For example, "X: Number of miles between Sarah and Steve's childhood homes". 

The events/ numbers will be listed in ascending order, not chronologically.  At the end of the page we want it to say something to the effect of "Join Steve and Sarah as they celebrate FOREVER!"  Basically, we want the final sentence to "highest" number since our other numbers/ events will have been listed lowest to highest.  I just don't know exactly how to convey that idea articulately or in a way that coincides with the format of the rest of the STD.

Any ideas ladies??  I appreciate all your help!!
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