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Question about guest list and save the dates

I'm back with another question!  This one is regarding etiquette of who to send save the dates to--banana, I hope you'll have some input on this one!

I'm trying to calculate how many save the dates to order and I'm not sure how to group families together.  For instance, if I'm mailing a save the date to a family member (in this case an aunt and uncle) can I address it to them "and family" even though their children are grown and are out of the house?  Or do each of my cousins deserve their own save the date?

My cousin got married last year and only my parents received a save the date; however, I received a formal invitation months later (in addition to my parents).  Is this common practice?  Is it OK etiquette-wise?  I'd prefer to save some money by being able to lump families all together for the save the dates but don't want to do that if it's rude.

Thanks in advance!


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