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How to Use the Knot RSVP


I am planning on having people RSVP through my knot website.  I can't figure out, though, how to see what meal they chose.  My wedding isn't for a few months, but I went ahead and RSVPed for myself and chose my meal with the little drop-down menu but the meal choices don't show up on the guest list manager.  Where do they show up?


Re: How to Use the Knot RSVP

  • Interesting, I'd like to see others posts for this..we gave the option of having guests rsvp via website or mailing back the card I didn't know the meal options are NOT on the guest list once you  RSVP
  • Hey Girl2,

    Thank you.  Is there a setting for the email to be sent to you?  I am just curious b/c ilke I said before, I have only tested it with me and I didn't get sent an email telling me I was coming and a meal choice.

    Thanks for helping me with this!

  • Hey,

    Also- it says meal choice on mine but there is nothing written after it.  HELP!

  • No problem! There isn't a setting, it just automatically sends you the email confirmation.

    When you are in edit mode on the RSVP page, it tells you: We'll automatically update your">Guest List Manager and send you an email when guests respond.

    I wonder why you didn't get the email. Check your profile and make sure you have the correct email address setup since I'm pretty sure thats the email it uses.

    If you still dont get the emails, I guess you'll have to click individually on each person to see what meal choice they chose

  • Weird, it says it on mine. Can you test yourself on there again? I didn't do anything special and it just saved the meal choice for me.
  • Hey- thanks again for your hlep.  Glad I am doing this now!!  So, I am now getting the emails but the guest list manager still isn't updating.  However, as long as I am getting the emails, it will be ok.

  • Oh whew! Now hopfully you will get them with ALL guests and not have to call them to figure out what they rsvpd for!
  • My emails have been going to spam, I just found this out which self deletes every day!!!! And my guest list manager is not updating.... now I have a bunch of ppl that RSVPed and I have no idea what they said!!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP PLEASE.... hope TheKnot fixes this, do they even read these forums? :(
  • how do you remove a meal off of your rsvp i am lost it seems to have picked my first idea an my second ideas so now theres like 10 meals when there sould only be 3
  • OMG, using the knot's RSVP is the biggest mistake of my wedding plan! All guests must be loaded to the knot ahead of time, so if you don't know wether your friends are bringing their kids or the name of your brother's +1 they are SOL! There is a way to RSVP manually, but it is very difficult for guests to figure out, and the knot does not add these to your guest list. I still have not found a meal counter, don't think there is one. So I am calling 250 people to figure out who's coming and what their eating! It's awful, totally defeats the purpose of invitations! If you have time, save yourself, use traditional paper RSVP cards and NOT the Knot!
  • Considering this thread is 3 years old, I'd say the OP worked it out by now. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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