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which initial should i use for wax seal?

My parents are hosting my wedding and reception. I would like to use a wax seal on my invites, but whose initial do i use? My parents who are hosting, or my husband's last name?

Re: which initial should i use for wax seal?

  • Maybe you can just use a design instead of an initial.
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    Their initial b/c you are not married yet. Or you could do both of your first initials separated by an artistic design, but that would probably only work on a sticker, not a wax seal.
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  • I used a rose. I know I can use it again, and it matches the feel of the invites. You probably already researched this, but i highly recommend using glue gun wax rather than the candle style. 
  • I would say either your parents initials or for his family send his initial and for your family send yours. I would talk to your parents and see how they feel about it. If they are hosting it, I know it's your wedding but you don't want to hurt them feelings by doing something that might hurt their feelings even if it's a little bit.
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