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April 2012 Weddings

Dude Looks like a lady

So last night, we met with our officiant.  We loved her from the moment we read her website, so we had high hopes.  She fulfilled those hopes when we met in person.  She had a full binder with all the different styles of ceremonies she performs, she is educated, has a warm sense of humore, and seems like she really understands how important her job is to the ceremony. She was on top of her game, and it showed.  Her husband and her are a team and both do weddings.  At the beginning she had asked if we had a preference of which one would perform our ceremony, neither my fiance or myself had a preference.  We booked her, and everything *seemed* great.

We got back to his house and his mom asked how it went, and i said it was great, she was lovely.  She then proceeded to freak out about how it is a woman.  I had no idea she held the belief that women could not marry others.  I asked her why she felt so strongly and the answer was basically that biblically speaking women were not allowed to do this.  FI family is fairly religious, although he no longer participates in church.  I feel I have always been respectful of their beliefs.  He rarely stays the night at my apartment and we are not living together prior to marriage.  I am not a crazy liberal, however I feel a man and woman are completely equal and both are able to do gods work or will in an equal fashion. 

I am more or less completely shocked that this is even a problem, and truthfully im really offended.  We picked someone because we felt they would do what WE as a couple wanted.  I know at the end of the day it is OUR wedding, we do what we want to do.  But this is so hard because it feels like either way one side loses. I want to be respectful, but part of me wants to lash back with" part of being a good christian is compassion, understanding, and free from judgement".  So I just am not sure what to do. 

I am doing my best to have fun with everything, and I am starting to realize its not easy to just be relaxed and go with the flow. :-(
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