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RSVP deadline?

Hi guys! I just wanted to run this by all of you in case there were some differing opinions. On your wedding invites, how many weeks before your wedding did you specify your RSVP deadline? Thanks!

Re: RSVP deadline?

  • I made the deadline Dec 8 for my Dec 29 wedding. That gives me a week to follow up with people before I need to get the venue my preliminary headcount.
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  • It depends when your venue needs your count.  Mine was 14 business days, which is pretty much 3 wks out.  I made our rsvp Sept 21st for our Oct 20th wedding, so I have an extra week to track people down.  From what I've read here, most venues are closer to a week or 2, so just adjust accordingly.

  • Back up a week from when you need your final numbers for the caterer, rentals, etc which is usually one to two weeks before the day.  That gives you a week to track down those who don't respond.  I think a month before the wedding is too much.
  • Ours was three weeks. 
  • Mine was Sept. 4th for our Sept. 28th wedding.
  • Ours was Feb 17th for our March 17th wedding.  Our venue needed final count 2 weeks before but we needed to let the florist know how many centerpieces we needed 3 weeks before so we gave ourselves a week to track people down.
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  • Our wedding date is October 4th and our RSVP date is September 14th.
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  • Ours is Sept 17 for an Oct 14 wedding, which is too early, etiquette-wise. But we sent out save the dates in April, and the vast majority of our guests have to fly, so they'll have made their plans well before the RSVP date. And a lot of my family is kind of flighty about stuff like RSVPs so I wanted to give them more time than I really need and also give myself time to track them down. I'm not even going to start calling until a week after the technical RSVP date.
  • Our wedding is Nov 17, our RSVP date is Sept 17.  Just depends on what is the norm in your area and mostly when the headcount is due.  I've had RSVPs and due 3 months out before but I have never had one due a month before a wedding. 

    Our headcount is due 3 week before the wedding which is Oct 27.  I guess I could have put the RSVP date as Oct 1.  But I just figured I'd give myself a few weeks to call people and follow up.  I didn't want to do that too close to the headcount and in the grand scheme a couple of weeks doesn't mean anything. 

    Our decorator is also giving us our seating chart (to edit) a month out (Oct 17) so I wanted to play around with that early.  The less I have to do in Nov, the better. 
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  • Our RSVP date is Sept 21st for our Oct 6th wedding. Venue needs headcount about a week out so I gave myself a week to track people down.
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  • Our RSVP date is Oct 17 for our Nov 17th wedding. The final headcount isn't due until 5 days before, but being a wedding planner I wanted to be completely done with everything 1 month before the wedding. The majority of our guests are in town and its the Sat. before thanskgiving. The people we are worried about are the 50 or so out of towners, who will know well in advance if they can make it or not. I haven't even sent invites out yet and a friend of mine who is in residency told me the other day that she won't be able to make it because she couldn't get her schedule changed for someone to work for her that Sat.
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  • OK thanks ladies!! I will definitely double check my vendor deadlines for final counts and go from there.

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