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Proof my program...Please

I'm not sure if you can read the post if not please email me at texas1805 at hotmail dot com

Should I have our opening prayer and closing prayer listed? More or less info? These will be tri fold printed on blue card stock with black print and red ribbon. I have the cover it is just not posted here.


Re: Proof my program...Please

  • Keep in mind I've never seen a formal program, so I don't really know what to include/not include.... Basically, I'm proofing it from an editor standpoint.

    I wouldn't include "the" with "prelude."
    Watch your capitalization. I'd capitalize everything but "the," "by," "and," "of," and "a."
    Why is your last song the only one not italicized?
  • I think you're mixing some tenses

    I'd make it:


    Seating of the Honored Guests

    Bridesmaids' Processional

    Bride's Processional
    Canon in D, Pachelbel


    Couples' Pledge

    The rest seemed fine - but remember your tenses and appropriate possesives.

  • Wouldn't it be Couple's Pledge? They are one couple.
  • Thanks EVERYONE!!! :)
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