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Place Cards - Wanted folded but got flat

So I ordered the cutest place cards from vistaprint and thought that they were the folded ones that stand up on their own.  Not so much... they are flat like a business card. 

I don't want to spend a ton of money on placecard holders now... does anyone have any ideas on how to display flat placecards?

We invited about 250 people so it has to be able to accomodate quite a few placecards!
Thanks so much.

Re: Place Cards - Wanted folded but got flat

  • Hmmm... your wedding is in September, is that correct? Are you going with a fall theme at all? Perhaps you could get crafty and affix each of the cards to a small item that would "prop up" the cards as though they were folded but would also be decorative. For example, an acorn or a chestnut. I saw this at a summer wedding using starfish (purchased at a local discount store in bulk, so not expensive at all!) and it was really pretty. In fact, I took home our place card starfish and made them into Christmas ornaments.
    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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  • Since you already paid for them, make the best of as if you planned for these.  They will look very elegant on the table.
  • Why can't you just glue them to plain white or ecru place cards?
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    You could go to cardsandpockets and buy pre-folded cardstock and glue your place cards onto them.

    For our fall RD, MIL got a ton of corks from wine bottles and turned them into place card holders.  If you collect your corks, that's a great, practical use of them.  And wine matches most fall themes (harvest, etc.).
  • How much are you looking to spend?  You could scrap these cards, or depending on what they look like, repurpose them and order the folded ones for about $20.

    The link below gets you 250 folded business cards from VP for $14.99 plus $5.67 in shipping.  The next qty is 500, which is $19.99 plus $6.15 in shipping.

    I know it says Free Pen, just go to Business Cards on the left and select Folded Business Cards.   


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  • I think the chestnut idea is really cute and it always looks nice. But if that'd be too expensive, then yeah, I think buying ecru cards that you can mount your current cards onto would be a cheap alternative.
  • If you go to any craft or party store you can pick up packs of plain folded escort/business cards for about $3 for 50. You can then just attach the ones you have to those.

    OR, you can find something thematic to your wedding and put them on there.

    Consider getting a magnet board and attaching a small stick-on magnet to the back of each. You can put them on the board easily and either prop it on the table or get a cheap easel to put it on.
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  • Not sure what your theme is but here are a couple inexpensive options. GL!

    sugar cube


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    Great ideas!!! Thank you so much!
  • I ordered the flat business cards from VP too. I plan on punching a hole in each one, stringing ribbon through and tying them on the napkins. Super cost-effective..." alt="" />
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