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Asking for Addresses??

This may be a really strange question --- and a dumb one. But how do I go about getting addresses of wedding guests? I obviously have many addresses for family who have lived in the same houses forever... but fiance and I are recent college grads and most our friends do not have permanant residences at this point. They have moved around a lot since we graduated. I feel so weird calling or emailing or sending a FB message asking for an address. Am I overthinking this?? Has anyone else had this issue?

Re: Asking for Addresses??

  • I totally messaged my family via Facebook for messages. If you want, ask your transient friends at the last minute for their addresses. 
  • Yeah, I just messaged/emailed people. How else are you supposed to get their addresses? You might be over thinking it
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  • I think you are overthinking things a bit.  For family and family friends, we got addresses from our moms' and grandmas' address books.  For friends, we just asked them if we saw them in person.  Then, I sent out a FB message to all other friends.
  • If you have phone numbers or email addresses, just contact your guests in question that way and ask for their snail mail addresses.  If not, ask them in person: "Could you please give me your snail mail address so I can send you an invitation to my wedding?"

    Simple and straightforward.
  • You're over thinking. If you don't have an address, just ask. No big deal.
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  • You're overthinking it, contact everyone the usual way you'd contact them to get their addresses. For my friends that rent I asked if they were planning on moving anytime soon before sending save the dates and double checked everyones address right before sending invitations. 
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  • We e-mailed/texted/called/messaged.  It's good to confirm to especially if you have friends that move frequently.
  • I actually don't think you're overthinking it - I get what you're saying (it's a formal wedding invitation by mail, so emailing/messaging beforehand DOES seem a bit odd/anti-climactic). But PPs are right - in this day and age, when people move more frequently, there really isn't any other way to get addresses than to email/message. If you'd prefer to not go the more informal route, you could call them, though I know that's not always what you want to do, depending on the person, and it takes longer. Personally, I think emailing is a step up from Fbook messaging in terms of formality, but it's entirely up to you. Another option for some of your guests is to get your parents to gather addresses for you. We're doing this for most of the guestlist, but for friends, I'm just emailing.
  • I was thinking about this too. When a friend asked in a mass FB message for my address I didn't feel comfortable replying and putting it up for everyone in the message to see. I would do personal FB messages if you're going to go that route (as opposed to email, etc.) I found when I was googling ways to find addresses and am probably going to use that.
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  • I went through my mom/dad first for family addresses. The ones that were not known I went about it through FB personal message. I understand your concern as I did have the same, but there really is no other way to gather addresses than just simply ask anyway you can get ahold of them! Smile
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  • We just sent facebook messages/emails/texts to people whose addresses we still needed.  It may seem informal to you, but trust me, it's fine.  There's a few friends that we know are in the process of moving and don't know their new address, so we're waiting until it gets closer to ask them.  We're also finding it tricky because we're inviting some friends that are still in college, and the invites are being sent out shortly before their finals (and they go home for the summer), so they've given us both their school and home/summer addresses, and we'll figure it out when it's closer.  We've actually been enjoying getting addresses from people, because it has started fun discussions, plus in the process, we're letting people know when and where it is.  (We decided against Save the Dates).  It was a good way of getting the word out while accomplishing an important task!
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