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Help identifying font?

I really like the fonts on this invite, does anyone know what they are, or something similar?

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Re: Help identifying font?

  • Are you talking about the cursive font or the other? If the other you might wanna try Engravers MT... that's what I'm using on my invites & it's very similar if not the exact same.  The picture is to small for me to tell for sure.
  • The serif font looks like it might be Baskerville that's set in small caps and the script font reminds me of one of the variations of Shelley, but I can't tell for sure as it's really small and I'm too lazy this Sunday morning to go fire up my Mac and compare Tongue out
  • It's Sloop ScriptOne.

    A close script to this is CeremoniusThree.
  • Go to and upload the image. It should identify the font for you :)
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