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Whose address for the return address?

I read that the return address on the invitations should be the same as the address where guests will mail their RSVP cards.  But, we are having our guests RSVP on our website, or if they don't want to do that they can call my mom to RSVP.  I will be managing the online RSVPs and my mom will let me know if anyone calls to RSVP.  I have also read that the return address should be whoever is hosting the wedding.  Both sets of parents are hosting and paying for the wedding.  So my question is whose address should I use as the return address for the invitations?  Also, do I include names with the return address or just the address itself?
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Re: Whose address for the return address?

  • We put our own address, and we didn't put names but just embossed it into the back flap. Traditionally you are supposed to put the hosts (normally the brides parents) but I believe today it is quite alright to put your own address.



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  • Our RSVPs went to my parents house. We also used their address (no names) for the return address on the invites.
  • Even though my parents are hosting, I am using FI's and my address for both the back flap and the reply envelope.

  • Thanks everyone!  I think I'll use my address (no name) since I have all of the supplies in case if one gets returned.
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  • I put my parents names & addresses on both the the response envelopes and the return address :-) They are hosting!
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