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Is there anyone who is not doing a program for the ceremony?

I'm fairly sure I have received one at every wedding I have attended but when I mentioned it to my mother she looked at me like I just said the most stupid thing ever.  She said... what are those for?  I have never seen those.
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Re: Programs

  • I'm doing them.  Mine are going to serve two purposes.  The first is to tell everyone the important information about the ceremony (the order and all the important players) and also as a fan in case it's hot outside.

    I appreciate having a program at a wedding so I know what is going on.
  • I hate it when I go to a wedding without one.  I like to know who the people are in the WP, how they're connected to the B&G, and what the eff is going on.  If it's a religious ceremony and your guests are not all 100% the same religion, I think they should be mandatory per the church, really.  ALSO - I like to know when the wedding is starting, based on the music being played. 

    There are templates for two programs in my bio.  One is complicated.  The other one is really, really basic, and should produce 50 programs for $4 or less, printed at home on cardstock.
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  • Thank you!

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  • I think pograms are a nice way to also thank the people you want to thank...for example, we're going to thank my parents as they are paying for a huge part of the wedding...and then thank both our parents in general for raising us and being great people...and we're also going to thank the people who had a hand in the reason G and I ever met in the first place! 
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