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Seating chart template?

Hi girls,
My wedding is in 26 days and I was wondering if anyone had a seating chart template they would mind sharing?

I've tried but I'm not very good with designing and finding it hard going between macs and PCs.

Something along these lines maybe.  I'm open to vertical ones as well.  I wont be home until late tonight, so I'm sorry if I answer anyone late.

TIA if you can help me out. 

[email protected]

Re: Seating chart template?

  • I personally just used the tool here on  It's super easy, just place the tables where you want, and drag your guests to the tables you want.  It makes it a snap to plan the tables, and to adjust people around. 
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  • I already know where they are sitting.  I dont want place cards with peoples names on them.  They are charts where the person looks at their name and knows where to go.

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    Oh!  Sorry I misunderstood, you mean something to replace escort cards

    Hrm, maybe Google will have something under "escort card alternatives".  If you do decide to go the chart route, I'd put up several of them so people don't bottleneck trying to read it.

    Edit:  Aha!  Google yeilded the motherload:

    who knew that it would be Zazzle?
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