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STD Question!

Hey Girls,
I'm hoping you can help me out - what usually goes in the STD for wording? We have our initials (A & C) then a picture of us, then on the bottom of it, we have our date, wedding website, and "formal invitation to follow". Is that usually it?? Our full names are also included in our wedding website address, so do we HAVE to put our initials in it?

Any feedback would be appreciated!! Thanks!!

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Re: STD Question!

  • add the city and state where everything will be held

  • If you have hotel blocks set up, you could add that as well.
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    It can vary but I put both of our full names request that you save the date of (put your wedding date) for their wedding. Then listed the place we are are getting married and the city and state it is in and then put the formal invitation to follow. I did magnets for mine and got carrier cards with them as well. On the back of the carrier cards I listed the hotel block information and our wedding website for people to check out as well. Hope that helps!!
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