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Envelopes Not Sticking!!

Here is my current dilemma (and hopefully last?!).

My envelopes are addressed, stamped and stuffed but they aren't sticking!  I've tried sticking them in a book for awhile, but they just come out completely dry and open.

Do you think that double-sided tape will work or will that be too weak for the mail?
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Re: Envelopes Not Sticking!!

  • Glue sticks, like for little children, work great because they are cheap easy/quick to apply, stick sufficiently but don't soak through or warp the paper. :)
  • I recommend you use your Return address Labels to seal the envelopes or go to Walmrt and purchase Envelope seals. They are cute and come in a circular, Professional shape. I hope this works if you decide not to use the dbl stick tape, However that is good also.Kiss
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    I would go with glue sticks over double sided tape.  
  • If it's a thick card stock style envelope, then use double sided tape.

    If it's a thinner envelope, use a light application of glue stick, and be careful not to smear on a visible part of the envelope.
  • Thanks for all the great advice!  I tried the tape, but it seems like it would peel back too easily, so hopefully the glue stick will be perfect.
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