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Is it ok to not do save the dates?  We have a really low budget for the wedding and we were thinking that not doing save the dates is a good way of saving.  Is that tacky?

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  • Not at all.  I didn't do save the dates and no one seemed to think this was strange.  I think they are only necessary if you have a destination wedding or have a lot of out of town guests.  If you don't send save-the-dates, I would still drop a note in the mail with a message about your wedding place and date to any guests that live more than a couple hours away.  This way people can make travel plans accordingly.  Anyone that you send this information to must receive a formal invitation when the time comes.
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  • Thanks!  I sent facebook messages to some of my family that lives across the country.  That is what they specified lol.
  • We sent out save the date's because our wedding is over Labor Day weekend. Alot of people in our families had no idea what a save the date was and they thought it was a waste of money!
  • Definitely not tacky.
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  • We didn't do save the dates. Our date was actually mentioned by word-of-mouth by my mom when relatives asked when wedding was, etc...
  • We're not doing them
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  • I didn't do Save the Date cards because I have a really close knit family and once one person knew, everyone else would know by the end of the week. I personally don't see the point unless you're inviting over 150-200 people (or they have bad memories!). Our wedding is approximately 70 people, so it wasn't necessary.
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