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Invitation wording when providing transportation to/from the ceremony/reception

ok ladies i need your help!  I am trying to write up my invitations and am at a loss for how to word it.  We will have our wedding at a rose garden and our reception at a local mansion.  we have booked trolleys for guests to transport them from the mansion, to the ceremony at the park, and then back to the mansion for the reception.  So....we expect guests to arrive at the mansion and ride the trolley, not arrive at the park (unless for whatever reason they dont want to ride the trolley).  The mansion is also our "back up plan" in case of rain.

does anyhow have any suggestions on how to word this on the invites?  Do i list the Rose Garden as the ceremony location?  do i include that address too in case they choose not to ride the trolley?  how do i make it very obvious that we prefer they arrive at the mansion and use the trolleys?

we have a separate Information card that can explain the details, but i'm not sure what needs to go on the invite.  Originally i was planning to just list the rose garden and address on the invite and put the reception address and trolley info on the Info card....but FI thinks this will confuse people and that no one will end up using the trolley.

The honor of your presence is requestd at the marriage of
on Saturday, the thirieth of June
Two-thousand twelve
at six o'clock

Rose Garden

Reception to follow

Re: Invitation wording when providing transportation to/from the ceremony/reception

  • Your invite looks good (although do spell check).

    I would include something along the lines of this on your information card:
    "Due to limited parking, the bride and groom will provide transportation to and from the ceremony venue.  Please park at the Mansion and utlize the provided transportation, which will start ## minutes before the ceremony."
  • This needs an insert. I would label it "Transportation and Rain Plans"

    Then use hz's wording. Or" "Due to limited parking, at the Rose Garden, please park at the Mansion and take our trolley to the Rose Garden. Trolley rides will begin at X and continue every X minutes until Y. Trolleys will retun to the Mansion beginning at Z and continue every X minutes until V."

    It's better to put times rather than making people do math. In a rush out the door, people's arithmetic skills fail them. Also, as you're basically asking people to arrive early, it's best to have an explicit time when they should arrive. Finally, make sure people know about the plan back. Some people are just nervous not being with their cars. [They like to be able to escape social events, or they have children at home with a sitter and an emergency might come up.]

    Then put, "In the event of rain, the ceremony will also take place at the Mansion."
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