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STD Wording Question!!

My FI and I are paying for a majority of our wedding and our parents are just chipping in a little.  We decided on the invite to just state our names and use the phrase "together with our parents".   My parents are divorced and my mom is remarried so to include all of our parents names on the invite just seemed to get too wordy in our opinion.

Question:  What are everyone's thoughts on including our parents names on the STD toward the bottom where you also state "Formal invitation to follow"?  We are inviting a couple of my mom and stepdad's friends who don't really know me (to keep the peace with my mom! :) ) and since we have different last names, may wonder who it it.  It would be stated more casual than on an invite but maybe something like: 

Daughter of (first, last name of dad) and (first, last name of mom & step-dad).
Son of (first, last name of parents).

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