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Inviting co-workers

So my job situation is a strange one.  There are 3 people who work in the office with me in admin positions....they are already on the guest list.

Then there are 4 sales guys (I'm part of the Marketing & Sales department) & my boss located all over the country (CA, TX, & OH...I'm in PA).  One of the sales guys lives local but he's never in the office.  Do I invite all 4 sales guys & my boss, just my boss, just the local sales guy, just the local sales guy & my boss??  I don't want to offend anyone but I also don't want to end up inviting everyone that I work with...what do I do?

Re: Inviting co-workers

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    I would probably just invite the 3 you normally work with and be done with it.  It would seem odd to invite co-workers that live out of state, but it would also seem odd to invite some but not all of the remaining 4 co-workers.  

    I think the most common rule of thumb is only to invite those you see outside of work, so you could use that too.  
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    I agree with PP.  You might consider inviting your boss, since he is your boss (does he have any mentorship role in your relationship?).  But if you don't have a ton of interaction with your boss, than I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • Do not feel obligated to invite these sales people.  Just keep any wedding conversations with them to a minimum when you do see them and there shouldn't be any expectation on their end.  I like the rule that if you don't hang out with them outside of work regularly then they don't need to make their way on to your guest list. 
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