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Two checks today!!

FI and I put down the deposit for the caterer and guest favors: a flipbook station! Pretty exciting. Our DOC gave us some great referrals. We're meeting with prospective florists now and one of my friends from high school works at a local bakery so they'll be doing our cake too!!

Re: Two checks today!!

  • How exciting!! :) What exactly is a flipbook station? I don't think I've heard of that!

    We are doing the photobooth-and-pictures-as-favors thing :) which I know my family is really pumped for! That's so great that you have an "in" in the baking world... we haven't picked our cake yet and I have no idea where to even start. (I should probably just ask my planner to help, as that is her job haha) 


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  • Thank you! A flipbook station is kind of like a photobooth except they film you acting silly for 7 seconds, print the pictures and bind them together to make them into a flipbook. I think the guests will love it!
  • Jordan, that sounds awesome. :) 

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