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11/02 Brides- One year to go!

For all my fellow 11/02/2013 brides, we are one year out!

I dont know about you, but I'm pretty happy.  Its been a year since we got engaged, so I'm ready for this year to go by quickly!


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Re: 11/02 Brides- One year to go!

  • One year to go for us, too!  I feel like I've been "on hold" since we got engaged, waiting for the year mark to hit!
  • I'm also an 11/02 bride! We went and saw our venue today to see what it would look like on the exact weekend next year in late fall. So excited!
  • Yay!  1 yr.  I got engaged last month.  We are heading up to our venue today to see how it will look over our wedding weekend next year.  Its nestled in the middle of the woods.  I really want to see how much color the leaves have.  Time to buckle down and start tackling my todo list.
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  • Wow..Seems like November 2nd is a good day and month to choose. I'm nervous as if the day is next week. Lots to do!! Good luck to all ..

  • Yes!! Counting down!
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