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BM gifts from Etsy!! (PIP)

I am soooo excited to see these in person. The pics look great! I ordered from JennyGirlDesigns and picked out all the fabrics. The inside of each is embroidered with the girl's name. Mine is in ivory and because FI's name is Jesse, I thought it was cute to add "Jesse's Girl" to mine. :)

Since my BM's are wearing the same color from Davids but in different styles, I went with different patterns. The b/w white ones are for the personal attendant & usherette - both have black cocktail dresses to wear.



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Re: BM gifts from Etsy!! (PIP)

  • Very nice
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  • They are really cute!!!!
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  • Darling!
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  • Sooooo cute! Love them!!!
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    My cake is a 2-tier ivory cake with silver dotted scallops, ribbon and pearl brooch.

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  • LOVE those! Where did you get them? Would love to consider something similar for my BMs.
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  • In Response to <a href=" Club BoardsForum:ea657a87-d1dc-4588-999f-31c9deeef720Discussion:4293ec48-19d0-4446-9256-318e9d409b98Post:5b1d63e6-4e93-4025-9570-9748d8ae054f">Re: BM gifts from Etsy!! (PIP)</a>:
    [QUOTE]LOVE those! Where did you get them? Would love to consider something similar for my BMs.
    Posted by deviousmuse[/QUOTE]

    I ordered them from JennyGirlDesigns on Etsy. She is in California. I am in love with them too! I got a small discount for ordering multiple - I think it was 4 or 5 and I got 6. Total for the 6 clutches with embroidery and shipping I paid $342. Embroidery is an added fee though.  $160 for deposit upon ordering and the balance today when she notified me they were ready for shipping.
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  • Very cute! Great BM gift!
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