May 2013 Weddings


Just wondering if we have to tip all vendors? DJ? Photo? Video?
I know the maitre d and servers are tipped but what about everyone else?
They're paid or their work for the day.

Re: Tips????

  • If they are private owners you should tip. Venue DOC, servers. Do not get tipped unless you dont get charged gratuity . My service charge is over 350 so thats like them getting a tip.
  • My etiquitte book and my venue coordinator both told me if a person owns their own business they don't get a tip.  So for example:   our photog owns her own business so we don't tip her, but she has a second photog that will be with her that we do tip (we are thinking of giving photog a gift card anyway).   Our florist owns her own event floral business so no tip for her.  We will tip the band becasue they do not own their own business...we worked with a music company to book the band. 
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