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So last night while I was at work I received a phone call from a vendor (which it was a DJ) that I spoke with at a bridal show back in Jan. He called at about 7:30 and he asked if we were still looking for a DJ and I told him that we were still looking. He wanted to continue to talk but I told him that I was at work and since I work pretty late I would call him back tomorrow. He then said oh it's fine when you get off work feel free to call me being in the production company we have late nights. Keep in mind I get off at 11:00 pm and I normally don't get home till about 11:30. He said that he has met and spoke with couples at all hours of the day and night... Hmmm... Really?!?!? After being at school all day then working for 8+ hrs the last thing I want to do when I get home is talk about booking a vendor. I seen his work and it's really good but I feel that he is a little to pushy... I haven't called them back just yet... I wanted to get your opinion on how you all would feel?

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Re: How would you feel...

  • I think it be weird if he wanted to meet with you that late at night, but I'd be relieved that they could talk to me that late.  As a small business person, I am available to my clients 24/7 via phone, so this doesn't freak me out.  I think he's just trying to run a successful business.
    You don't have to call him back until you want to, so I don't think it's that big of a deal.  However, if you just got a generally bad feeling from him, then don't go with him.

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  • I'd be a bit weirded out too, never hurts to keep looking and talking to other DJs.
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    Yea I'd say if you don't feel comfortable then definitely don't book with him. 

    I went to one bridal show & got calls from this one company about 10x even after I had told them I wasn't interested in their services because we had already booked with someone else.  I really was tempted to post a review about them on my local board because they were so annoying persistent.

  • I would say in that business it might not be unusual but I would also never book with someone who I was not comfortable with. 
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  • Ehhh sounds weird to me. 
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    If your not comfotable, not call back. I had a company call me back quite a few times, each time it was a different person. I returned the call once, asked to stop being contacted because IF I was ready to book I would call. The calls still haven't stoppped.
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