May 2013 Weddings

Hello from Pittsburgh :)

Just wanted to introduce myself to you ladies! I've been engaged for about a month (Oct. 1), and we're just about to put our deposit down for our wedding on MDW - May 25, 2013! I can't even begin to put into words how relieved I am to have a place and date chosen, because it was stressing me to the max. We really were hoping for a fall 2012 date, and everything we liked is basically booked so we bit the bullet and just went for a nice spring affair. More time to save money, eh?

Just a bit about me: I'm a grad student in the Pittsburgh area, getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching, Secondary English. Almost done too, only student teaching in the spring left. I followed my FI here after we met in undergrad in NJ, though my family is from Eastern PA. I LOVE to cook, especially new/different ethic foods, am a total book nerd, and kind of obsessed with crafting. I'm trying to get back into running after a nice 2 month break of laziness, but a killer cough right now is putting a damper on that. 

Only 19 months of planning left! Surprised Seriously though, that seems like a lifetime.
Craig and Alix 2013 Fallingwater Wedding
Lucky I'm in love with my best friend ... 
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