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Hey a present etiquette question for you ladies,

My cousin got married earlier this year.  Its her second marriage and they announced just a few weeks before they got married, had a very small wedding (her first wedding was pretty big), so most of the family wasn't invited.  She also didn't do a registry that I know of.  I havn't gotten her a present yet since I wasn't sure what to get her...I guess just cash/a check?  They are about 15 years older then me/make alot more money...not a reason not to give them a present, I just feel more awkward about it I guess.  Part 2 of the question is that they are having a baby in about a month...I just found their registry online, so I can get stuff of there....should I just get extra baby stuff for them and call that their wedding/baby present?  Or get some baby stuff and send a check?  Any thoughts would be great!
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Re: Present

  • I would maybe do a gift card or something other than money.  Especially if they're expecting, maybe they could use a night out or something.  Maybe a nice restaurant gift card or a movie theatre certificate.

    When my brother got remarried, they asked to not have gifts, but we ended up getting them each a bottle of decent liquor that they'd like.  He got a bottle of Capt Morgan (his favorite), and we bought her a bottle of the Godiva Chocolate Liquor
  • My best friend got married on a Tuesday and had a baby that Saturday. I felt like even though everything happened within a week, it was still 2 separate events so I gave her a wedding gift then picked up a baby gift. As for what to give as a wedding gift, I agree a gc to a nice restaurant would be great.
  • Ok, thanks for the advice!!  I"ll probably go with baby stuff off the registry and restaurant!
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