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Intro and some Qs

Re: Intro and some Qs

  • jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
    edited December 2011
    wow, another proposal from the future! i wish DH had been able to propose in the future as well!

    but no, i don't think 22 minutes apart is a problem at all. i've attended a ceremony in bethel park and a reception in moon twp. the trip from the north hills to the east hills is a bit of a trip in my opinion, but if that's what you want i dont see a huge problem with it.

    your FMIL is right though-for some reason some yinzers have issues with crossing rivers/bridges and don't like to do it. go figure.

    there are tons of beautiful venues in the north hills though, and in the city. maybe you should broaden your options a bit just to see if anything strikes your fancy? good luck!
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    Congrats and welcome!
  • gmc22gmc22 member
    edited December 2011
    Hi Mandie! Congrats and welcome! I don't think 20 or so mins is bad from ceremony to reception, but it might be worth it to check into some reception venues in N Hills. As jrsy said, there are some nice sites there so it might be worth a look!

    Well congrats and welcome! Can't wait to hear more about your wedding!


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  • Ash2985Ash2985 member
    edited December 2011
    Congratulations and welcome!  I don't know anything about the Edgewood Club, but I will say that I live in the North Hills and HATE driving out that direction for any reason.  Between traffic and construction (obviously, this may depend on what time of year you're having your wedding), it is always a crappy drive,  and no matter what, will probably take longer than 20 minutes.  I would definitely do it for a one time occasion, obviously, but that might be something to take into consideration.

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    From the North Hills to the Edgewood Club might take 20 minutes on a Sunday morning, but there's no way that's how long it will take on the day of the wedding given traffic, parkway construction, etc.

    That's really, really far in my opinion. I'd probably allow like 50 minutes.

    I don't the Edgewood Club would hold 165 or even 150. Our old mod dreamalotmp had her wedding there. Depending on time of year, it also does not have A/C, so it will be HOT with all those people in there.

    If a place says "150" or "165," that means packed to the gills. I'd go like 20% under that for comfort and space.
  • MRadsMRads member
    Fifth Anniversary 1000 Comments
    edited December 2011
    Ha, obviously he proposed in 2010, not 2012...thats what I get for trying to multitask at work.  I was afraid of some of these things...part of me doesn't really care because I love the place, it fits everything we want, and a majority of my friends are coming from out of town, so it doesn't matter to them if they spend 20 minutes going from the North Hills to Edgewood or 20 minutes going from one place in the North Hills to the other.  Ive looked at a lot of the forums...been lurking for a while, and I've seen a lot of the usual suggestions and looked a lot of places in the North Hills, so maybe if I put why I like the Edgewood Club, somebody can give me a comprable suggestion in the North Hills.
    1) Its a building with character...I do urban planning and a charming building gets me every time.
    2) It is an indoor space, but people can linger outdoors
    3) It has a relatively inexpensive rental fee
    4) The caterers are affordable (starting at $18pp)
    5) We can bring our own alcohol
    We're paying for the majority of our wedding, and we both work, but neither or us want to start in debt because of our wedding, so any suggestions of places in the North.  I looked at Cooper Hall and Springdale Vets Association, but both are farther from the ceremony venue.  I like the Edgewood Club, but I dont want to be packed like sardines and I def want to be respectful of the guests.

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    When is the date? I don't even know if they allow warm weather wedding there anymore since it can get extremely uncomfortable.

    And are you willing to change the ceremony location to be closer to the reception? Or have the ceremony at the reception site?

    I know having a DOC is going to be important if you have it there since you are just renting the hall and bringing in your own caterer, so you will probably want someone to help set up, make sure everything runs smoothly, etc.

    Also, I'm not sure what the parking situation is like at Edgewood Club, but I believe it is street parking with no lot, so you would probably need a valet.
  • dbpsu18dbpsu18 member
    Sixth Anniversary 500 Comments
    edited December 2011
    Welcome and Congrats!
    Where in the north hills is your ceremony?
    I live in the North Hills and my parents live in Monroeville, so I drive out the parkway east to see them often on the weekends. I usually don't find any traffic until i come HOME from the east. Though, my house in the North Hills is very convenient to 279 and closer to downtown so I don't have to fight any North Hills traffic. Usually my drive to Monroeville on a Saturday from my house in the North Hills is 30 minutes, which would mean my drive to the Edgewood Club on a Saturday would be 20 - 25. I've lived here in pgh all my life and never had trouble crossing the river, but that's just me, I have heard that some yinzers don't like doing that. But hey for a friend or family member's wedding, I don't think it's a big deal.

    I would consider some other alternatives in the North, but wouldn't rule the Edgewood Club out completely if you love it. I was at a wedding at the Mayernick Center in Avonworth and it was beautiful! You are able to be indoors and outdoors and can bring your own alcohol. However, it is a log cabin though so might not be the vibe you're going for.

  • mdphdmdphd member
    1000 Comments Third Anniversary
    edited December 2011
    No advice on your situation, but congrats and welcome! 
  • jrsygrl10jrsygrl10 member
    edited December 2011
    i think it matters how long the drive is, whether the guests are OOT or not. in fact, if it were me i would want my OOT guests driving as little as possible, since they may not know the area. the longer the drive, the more apt they are to get lost or feel very uncomfortable with how far they've gone.

    and something about 18pp doesn't seem right. like it doesn't include appetizers. or cake. or $18 is for lunch menu's or for the things on the menu that you don't really want. i only say this because i know that my sister is getting married this weekend and having a luncheon reception. the common plea is catering and when they got the menu it was quoting 18pp. but when all was said and done it is coming out to be about 30pp, not including alcohol (or cake, bc they aren't having cake). so i would speak with the caterers first to confirm price for entree & appetizers.
  • jaimed99jaimed99 member
    edited December 2011
    I want to say that I was at a wedding at the Edgewood Club earlier this month, and it was beautiful! The reception area is huge (there had to have been at least 150 if not a few more people there), the food was excellent and the service was great :)

    Have you already booked your ceremony venue, or do you just want to have it in the North Hills? I'm only asking because I've been told that Edgewood (if you were to consider it) does do outside ceremonies if you think that an all-inclusive wedding would work better. Traffic between North Hills and Churchill can be ridiculous, between construction and general car traffic (I live around the North Hills) no matter how you get there.

    HTH! :) Oh, and Congrats!!!
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    I was at a work event at the Edgewood this summer and there was definitely more than 150 there. Granted, there weren't round tables filling up the space, but I think it can be done. I do agree that you will need valet. I don't think 20 minutes is unreasonable and I don't think that you will have THAT much of an issue with traffic on a Saturday.

    I agree that the place is beautiful and has character! The outside patio would be so nice for a cocktail hour too!

    One thing that I did notice was a funny smell in the hallway where the bathrooms were... it might have been just that day or something, but its something that sticks out to me.

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    Welcome and congrats!  I am from the North Hills (near West View) and had my wedding in West View and my reception out in Coraopolis (near Moon).  It took about 20-25 minutes to get there which wasn't too bad.  However, traffic isn't ever really bad going that way (we went the back way).  Going from North Hills to the east side of town can get crazy at times, so I would check into that.  Good luck!
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