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Need an Officiant in Bay Area, CA!

Hi all,
I also posted this message on a local board-We are getting married in May and the last thing I really need to do is to find an officiant.  We are looking for someone who is easy going, experienced and light hearted.  We are not affliated with any particular religion and don't need a religious ceremony.  Wedding will be in Pleasanton/Livermore area in Northern California.  Searched and but didn't have much luck.  Please let me know of any good experiences you've had or anyone you know of who you can recommend!  :)


Re: Need an Officiant in Bay Area, CA!

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    I'm assuming you've done this but just in case- have you googled wedding officiant bay area cali?  there's lots of links that come up if you havent checked it out! :) 
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    Ask local friends/family

    This is an international board, the chances of somebody in your town are extremely slim.  That being said I'm from Modesto (about 1 hour or so from Livermore/Pleasington) but I still wouldn't be able to recommend anybody that would be willing to drive an hour or more for your wedding.
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    Tiffannie - funny you say that, since I happen to be from her town! HA!

    But unfortunately I don't know of any officiants. :/
    OP, maybe you can try talking to your venue and see if they have any recommendations?
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    Tiffannie I'm from Turlock! 
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    We're getting married in the bay too, and I remembered that TK actually has listings of local vendors.  I'm looking at the list right now. 
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