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about to be kidnapped by my BMs....

So, I'm about to be kidnapped by my BMs. My MOH filled me in because she knows how much I love surprises (I HATE them). 

So, they're kidnapping me tonight and taking me to a beach house. Apparently tonight we have girl time. Then tomorrow, my mom is picking me up and taking me to get a pedicure....I assume this is so the girls can set up something at the beach house. 

Then tomorrow night is me and FI's joint bachelor/bachelorette party. We have all of our GMs and BMs and a party bus and are playing Bar Golf! For those of you who have not played, it's like a combination of a bar crawl, scavenger hunt, and challenge. We go to 9 bars and each bar requires a different drink. In order to get "par" you have to drink that specific drink...and then you can get negative points (a good thing) for any additional drinks, challenges, or scavenger hunt items. It's boys vs. girls. Should be awesome. (I'm kinda nervous though, I don't really drink that much haha)

And then Sunday is a brunch for my MOH, it's her bday....except she jus thinks it's a part of the weekend!!

I'll let you know how it goes on Sunday!

Re: about to be kidnapped by my BMs....

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