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Need your help!

I also posted this on The Nest, if you're not using the May 2012 blog there...

Hey ladies,

 I had been in touch much more often before my wedding, but I need your help again! 

I'm in grad school, and I'm doing some research that has a little something to do with the "martial name change." If you could please take some time to answer the following as honestly as possible, it would help me oh so much! All of you were always a big help for wedding planning, so I know I can trust your opinions.

 If you changed your name, could you explain why you did so? How did you feel about it? 

If you kept your maiden name, explain why you made that decision? What did your husband, and family think of your decision?

 Thank you soooo much ladies! I hope married life is treating you well! 

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