May 2012 Weddings

RSVPs are coming in (PIP of my favorite so far!)

I sent our invitations out on March 20th (wedding May 19th, I was a day late for the 8 week mark - don't yell at me haha) I started getting RSVP cards on Monday!! It is like Christmas and if anyone else checks the mail I call and ask if I got any and to leave them in the mailbox for when I get home. =o)

I DIYed my invites by adding spaces to personalize it on the front and back with advice, music, well wishes, etc.. kind of like a mini mad lib.. and here's my favorite one so far! 

This picture, as simple as it is, is worth all the stress my invites gave me... how silly is that!! I'm huge on detail and personal touches but I just think it's so funny this drawing by a 26 year old friend made me so happy ! haha

Re: RSVPs are coming in (PIP of my favorite so far!)

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