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If and when sending save the dates?

Since our weddings our so far away, are you sending out save the dates?  If so when?

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Re: If and when sending save the dates?

  • Yes, probably September of next year? i mean, most of them will already know the date anyways.
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  • Summer/Fall of '11. Anything earlier than that is too early.
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  • I am sending mine in October of 2011
  • I thought you sent them a year in advance?
  • I think I'll do June or July of 2011, since my fiance's family and friends are all from a different state, 3+ hours away.
  • Send them whenever you want!  I just got one a couple weeks ago for a September 2011 wedding - I don't think it's too early.
  • I am planning on sending mine in June or July also, because we are planning a destination wedding. Although, because it is a destination wedding most of our guests will already know the date ahead of time. Anyone else planning a destination wedding?
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    [QUOTE]I thought you sent them a year in advance?
    Posted by FutureMrsSheeler[/QUOTE]

    That depends on the context of the wedding i.e; out of state, destination, local. For out of state and destination it is courtesy to send them at least a year before the wedding so your guests can make travel plans. If it's local 8-6 months is reasonable. Im sending mine out June 2011
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  • We're sending ours in Nov.--so a year from now--most of our family is close so it's just a remindar ;)
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