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Ugh! 2 months to go and now you wanna go and pull this ish* (vent*

I'm sooooo iritated right now!! One of FI's brother just dropped out of the wedding!!!
Apparently he's going through a depression and can't afford the $139 tux. Normally I'd understand but this is the brother that has 4 cars, still pays for his baby mother and her daughter's car and who bought ppl 42" flat screen tv's for christmas.
FI filled his spot with one of his BIL, which  I feel so bad because now he has to rush to get his tux ordered (although FI's BIL doesn't mind)
I'm just upset because FI has been sending out reminders to the guys to get their tux's and he hasn't said anything until today because now I began hounding FI to get them done.  UGH!!!
*vent done*
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Re: Ugh! 2 months to go and now you wanna go and pull this ish* (vent*

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    How rude! Well better today than 2 weeks before, sorry you have to go through this...


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    Guys can be just as dramatic as girls sometimes. FBIL is like that he always says he doesn't have money for things for others but he just bought a new car, trailer, and is about to buy his wife a car and she shops all the time. I understand how annoying it is! Glad his BIL is stepping up!
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    That is so annoying. At least it's enough time to get someone else & get their tux. But I can see why you are annoyed, I would be too.
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    It annoys me when people spend their money frivolously on random crap but when it's time to pay for something they need they don't have the money!

    I'm curious.... why did you replace the GM?
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    On the bright thankful it happened today and not later.  Then you'd be really stressed adn frustrated.  Sunny side up?!
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