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I was fine until this morning

When I woke up from a wedding nightmare! Ugh! My first one since things have actually been planned. Somehow we didn't go to the rehearsal dinner and I was freaking out I didn't get to wear the dress I bought, the candy for the candy bar was being passed around during cocktail hour instead of appetizers, the signature cocktail was ORANGE and served in giant hurricane glasses (we're having an alternative margarita served in rocks glasses), my mom was late, a bunch of random people I didn't recognize were at the reception and most of the people we invited were not, oh my. It was scary! Just had to share that because FI thinks I'm crazy for dreaming like that haha. 

Re: I was fine until this morning

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    Yay wedding nightmares!  I haven't had a real one yet I don't think.  I've had a few that weren't too bad.
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    all of your fears being projected. I'm sure it'll all be fine but those nightmares are scary. I had one months ago that my mom hadn't even started the flowers/decor the morning of. I woke up so angry with her!
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    I had a wedding nightmare a few days after my wedding, it was weird because my wedding had already happened haha!
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