May 2012 Weddings

Check, Check and Check!!!

Hello Ladies!! I  am happy to report that my FI and I have made some major checks in our list.  We have booked our church, reception venue and caterer!!! Whoo Hoo.

I also have bought my dress........ ( i know it sounds early, but it was a STEAL!!!)

I went looking around with my MOH to get some ideas for dress styles, fabrics, etc... I wasn't planning on buying anything that day. I tried on a few different styles ( many were hideous) that I did not like at all. I dont understand why the bigger the dress, the more glitter, rhinestones, beading, and lace there seems to be on it! I am a plus size bride but I dont want to look like a glittering marshmallow on my wedding day!! LOL.

After trying on a few items, I decided to give it a rest and focus on BM dresses. The store clerk showed us some great styles and advised us that we could get a real deal in their clearance room. The dresses in the clearance room were marked down due to them being discontinued styles. I thought that would be great because we are having the BM's in the same color, but a dress style of their choosing. As we were browsing the racks, I came across a wedding dress in my size. Apparently, the store clerk did not know it was back there on mark down. I was immedialtey taken by the style. It is a satin Da Vinci Bridal halter style dress with beading on the top half of the bodice only . It has a lace up back with beading all the way down the back of the train and around the hem. It is absolutely gorgeous. When I went to try it on, it fit perfectly!!!!! I got that warm and tingly feeling you get when you try on THE dress. Tthe only thing that is missing from it is a bustle(easy fix). I couldn't beleive it. Not only was it fabulously beautiful, but so was the price!!! The dress was originally priced at $1025.00.. I got it for (and I am not embarrassed to say ) $214.00!!!!!!! How wonderful is that?? The addition of the bustle and the cost of dry cleaning will bring the total amount to $387.45. Not bad for an original dress budget of $1500.00. Iam so elated! I will post pics on here  later but I just had to share my amazing discovery!

So needless to say, the FI is extremely happy that I came way under budget for the dress. The next issue will be where to put the $$ savings to use?? LOL

Thanks for listening,

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