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NWR: Need some luggage help!

All my luggage is old hand-me-downs that have suffered years of abuse, so I'm looking into getting new luggage for our honeymoon!  :)

I've never had hardsided luggage, and I'm interested in your opinions on them.  I've heard good and bad things about them just through google searches. 

Also, where did you get your luggage?  I've been looking on Amazon, Overstock,,  Overstock had a few that I liked, but I want to buy individual pieces, not a set and that seems to be more difficult.  Man, I didn't realize how EXPENSIVE it was either!!  Geez!!

Anyway, any advice or tips you can give me would be awesome.  I'm moving in a couple weeks so ideally I'd like to have it soon!  haha  Nothing like waiting until the last minute :-P

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