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Money dance? PA we do a money dance..(dont know if this is another PA thing), haha

um...what are you ladies using for the Honor attendants to hold to collect all the money? or are you just having them hold it all in their hands? 

a money bag from a wedding store is like $30 and thats just crazy for a any ideas?

Re: Money dance?

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    We aren't doing a money dance or anything. But we do know of several family members who will be giving us cash as a gift (have already been told/ seen at other family weddings.) What we decided to do was for FI to hold the money and when he gets a chance put it in the card box so that he isn't carrying it around all night in his pocket.
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    We are doing the money dance actually they call it the honeymoon dance here. I bought a little wristlet to carry the money in during the reception.
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    My FI grandma is getting some fabric to make us a moneybag in our wedding colors.  I've also seen people decorate little baskets (from Hobby Lobby or Michaels) to put the money in.

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    we'er doing one too...i'm woundering if I can repurpose the flowergirl baskets as opposed to buying yet another thing...hmm

    my other thought is to use a little vase. I LOVE mercury glass, so I might find a little mercury vase to have them put it all into.
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    We call it a Dollar Dance here in the Midwest.  Our DJ will have baskets for the MOH and BM.
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    When I went to a wedding with this they had the 2 flower girls with their baskets collet the money. It was a lot of fun!
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    We will be doing it. One of my BMs (who talked me into doing the dollar dance) will hold a basket as well.
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    We are not doing this as it is not custom to do in my area, but I would use a basket to collect the money.
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