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My seamstress just called...

her husband had a heart attack last night and will no longer be able to do my dress... :(  She started crying on the phone I felt so bad. I am hoping I can get a hold of someone who can do the things I want. I am freaking out just a tad.
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Re: My seamstress just called...

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    Oh no! That's terrible. I certainly hope her husband is okay. It's totally understandable that she won't be able to do your dress. I hope you can find someone who can. Did she give any recommendations? Good luck and hope you find someone soon.
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    Dj vu! This happened to me too, exactly! I went to my local Joann's store, and they had a lot of phone numbers for local seamstresses. Give it a try, and good luck! You'll find someone in time, don't worry.
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    I am so sorry! I agree with vineyard, it seems she should give you some kind of recommendation.
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