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Should I Invite Them?

I'm having a bit of a dilemma. FI & I have chosen to have our wedding be children-free. We do have a son who will be 21 months old in May & he is our ring bearer. The family I babysit for has offered to have Lucas spend the night there the night of the wedding. So, we would have my parents drop him off at their house on the way to the reception. But, is it rude to not invite the family I babysit for? It'd be like not inviting my "boss." Should I invite them & find another sitter for Lucas, or take them up on their offer & not invite them to the wedding?

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Re: Should I Invite Them?

  • Usually I would say yes, invite them, but they did offer to watch your son during your wedding so it seems they are okay with not attending your wedding.
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  • I agree.  If you weren't going to invite them before the offer, then I think they have pretty much let you know that they weren't expecting an invite, so it's okay to not invite them.
  • I agree with PP's. I would think they would be okay with not going since they offered to babysit for you. You might run the idea by your parents but I think not inviting them is okay.
  • I agree, take them up on their offer. Maybe you can give them a favour from your wedding as a thank you ;)
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  • DItto everyone else, the fact that they offererd to watch your LO makes me think that they didn't expect an invite in the first place. I'd take them up on their offer and bring them a thank you card and maybe a GC in morning when you pick him up.
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  • agree with everyone else
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  • Were the offering to watch him during the reception or just after the whole shabang? Honestly wihtout more background to me it sounds like they are expected to get invited and would just take him home with them after the wedding. No kids is fine, but I would definatly have a conversation with them about it before theres confusion or hurt feelings....could you bring it up in kind of a "hey so we are so greatful you offered to watch sonsname, we were wondering if we could drop him off (or have your mom or whoever) after pictures/after the ceremony is that ok with you?" this might give you a better idea of if they expected to be invited or not...I would assume not if they are offering to watch him unless they don't know that kids are not invited.

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  • I agree with toothpastechica.  Do you think they thought that they were invited to the ceremony and reception and just planning on bringing him home with them? 
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    [QUOTE]Usually I would say yes, invite them, but they did offer to watch your son during your wedding so it seems they are okay with not attending your wedding.
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    I agree.
  • Thanks ladies!

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