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Boudoir books?

So I've had my b-pics on CD for several weeks now, but I haven't been able to work on FI's book because he's always been around!  He's gone this morning running a half marathon, so I figured I'd have some time to get started....and I realized it's going to take me a LOT longer than I anticipated, haha.

Anyways, for those of you doing b-pics albums, do you have any ideas for text/quotes, etc. to put in the book also?  Maybe a little poem or something?  I was going to write a little message on the first page, but I have no idea what to say....

Just curious if you guys had thought about this yet.
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Re: Boudoir books?

  • No idea on what to include- But I totally feel your pain on those books being a bigger project than what you'd think. I thought I'd knock a 20 page book out in an hour or so- It ended up taking me all day. Totally sympathize!!!
  • Umm yeah, 3 hours in....almost done arranging all the pics but I still have to decide on the cover and what I am going to write in it.  FI left the house 4 hours ago, and he'll be back soon.  It's a disaster, but I haven't cleaned a thing, so I have to figure out what I'm going to tell him I was doing instead, haha.
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  • i've been working on mine today too!  i'm actually printing the pictures out on nice printer paper and it's taking FOREVER.  i have a really nice printer, but for the high quality it's pretty sloooow.

    i was originally planning on doing little quotes or a line from some good songs that would go along with the picture, but then i decided that he probably won't be paying attention to any of the words, so mine is just going to be an 8.5x11 of each picture on each page in the book/binder/whatever i find.  i'm looking for a 12"x12" hand bound journal or something, but i haven't found anything yet.  if all else fails i'll get a 12x12 plain scrapbook binder.

    luckily FI and i don't live together so i have the pictures scattered all over the living room  haha  i'll just have to clean up before i have any company.  :)
  • I have had to make up excuses to buy lingerie, return the outfits I didn't use, and pick out my pics too! He is definitely suspicious, but I finally told him if he wanted to ruin his surprise he could and that shut him up haha. Good luck on your book!

    I hadn't even thought about adding any type of text on mine...I may email the photographers and ask them about it!
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