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XP: For those in Colorado...need rec's (for HM)

We have booked our flight and car rental for our June HM to Colorado. We'd like to spend the week in Estes Park area and we'll take day trips. We don't want to stay in a hotel or motel, but a cabin or lodge. I have narrowed it down to four places and I was wondering if anyone has stayed at one of these or has a recommendation on some place similar?

The cabins/lodges are: The Evergreens, Shelly's Cottages, Annie's Mountain Retreat, and Allenspark Lodge.

We'll go to Denver at the end of the week and visit with family and friends. I am just on thoughts on these places.

Thanks! :)

Re: XP: For those in Colorado...need rec's (for HM)

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    Not sure about the lodges- Whenever we go to Estes it's either for the day or to camp. But whatever you do, do NOT eat at the brewery in town. Maybe the worst meal of my life- And that's saying a lot, considering we'd eaten camp food for 3 days before going to the brewery ;p
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    Lol. Got it! Thanks
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    i would do a brew tour around fort collins or something.  new belgium and odell's are there among some others i can't think of off the top of my head.  but FI and i like beer and that's where he went to college, so that's why i suggest that.  :-P

    FI and i will be back from our honeymoon on May 21st, you could always come visit us in Steamboat Springs!  haha
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    I agree about New Belgium- We've been on a ton of brewery tours, and it's the best, hands down. You get about 7 samples on the tour- Way more than any other tour we've been on. But you have to book it months in advance- So hop on it if it's something you guys are into : )
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