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Your bouquet....

So, I am your BMs bouquets the same as yours? My bouquet consists of all white hydrangeas, white lisianthus, freesia, and stock (whatever that is, I assume it's white though). My florist said that my MOH's (no other BMs) is the same, but smaller. Should hers be different or the same? I can add a colored flower, like light blue hydrangea or delphinium. What d you think? I

Re: Your bouquet....

  • My bouquet will only have hot pink and white roses.

    The BM's will have green hydrangeas, white hydrangeas, pink roses, green orchids

    The MOH's will be similar to the BMs but slightly larger.
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    I think that's up to you. In most of the pictures I've seen, the BM bouquets are different than the bride's.

    For mine, the BMs bouquets are a "piece" of my bouquet. The BMs have roses, MOHs have roses and freesia, and my bouquet is roses, freesia, and peonies. All of them are all white (as of now anyway).
  • My flowers are white penoies with Rhinestones throughout it, and my girls are having cream yellow and white gerber daisy with black rhinestone as middle.

  • My MOH's bouquet is a smaller version of mine (circus roses, ivory roses, yellow/orange roses, blue iris) and the rest of the BMs are just the roses.
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  • Mine are the same except the MOH's are smaller and the bridesmaids are a little smaller than the MOH and has no Greenery in it. If that makes any sense at all.
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  • My BM's have the same flowers as mine but different colors. Mine is all pink roses and the girls are all white roses. Theirs are smaller than mine.

  • My BMs bouquets are the same as mine but smaller. My MOH's bouquet is the same as the rest of the BMs.
    I wouldn't add color to your MOHs bouquet if everyone else's, including yours, is all white.

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  • It's just me an my MOH, but her bouquet will be almost the same as mine, but I will have some blue in mine that she won't. And I believe hers will be a teeny bit smaller.
  • this is my boquet

    this is my bridesmaids (my matron of hor's boquet is the same as the bridesmaids but bigger with a smaller trail of ivy than mine and more calla lillys and tiger lillies)

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  • Nope, not the same.
    Mine is all ivory hydrangeas.
    BM's are all deep purple, mix of hyndrangea, roses, peonies, and ranunculus.
  • Nope, our bouquets will not be the same. I am having a hot pink gerbera daisy and rose bouquet and my girls are having white gerberas.
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  • No, their bouquets are hot pink peonies and hot pink roses.  Mine will be white peonies, white roses and green hydrangea (BM dresses are green).

    I felt a hot pink bouquet for me would be too "busy" looking, I didnt want my bouqet to stand out too much.

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  • I hadn't thought of this... hmm something to think about.
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  • It's just me and my best woman and ours will be different.  My dress is whilte and hers is red, and the flowers are red and white, so they will be sort of opposites of each other, if that makes sense.  Mine will be more red with stargazers, peonies, garden roses, spray roses, and hydrangea, and hers will be more whilte with white lily, garden rose, spray rose, and hydrangea. 

  • Ours are very different. My moh and bm's will all have the same, 2-3 gerbera's in white wth short stems tied with long ribbons and a tiny bit of babysbreath, Mine will be pink lillys, white gerebersa, orchids (white and purple) and this other long white flower that I have no idea what it is (and no ribbons) similar to this one but with white flowers going down the bottem

    the bridesmaids will be like this except white gerberas and white and green ribbons.

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  • Is it bad that I don't even remember what I asked our florist for? haha
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  • mine are diffrent from my girls... mine-white&powder pink roses. girls-powder pink roses. my girls are also smaller in size than my bouquet. xo.
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  • Only difference in our wedding is theirs is 60/40 pink to white and mine is the opposite -- and theirs are a tad smaller.

    also, if it were me, i'd keep all them the same (talking about color) so that the photos look cohesive

  • Nope, theirs are totally different.
    Mine will be all white peonies and theirs will be all pink carnations. 
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  • Stock is green :)

    Anyway, my bouquet will be white anemones, light pink peonies, pink ranunculas, & some greenery. My BMs bouquets will be along the same lines as mine with less white, more pink. I wasn't too specific in what I asked my florist for. I just told her that I want them a bit different from mine & I trust that she'll do a fine job! Also, the BMs & MOHs will have the same bouquets.
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