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My shoes are slippery!

I tried on my shoes and walked around in them on Saturday. 

They are really high (4”) and I was nervous about them.  I was able to walk around pretty easily, and they were comfortable…however, I discovered they are very slippery (under the toe, there is no “traction”).  

Does anyone know if there is something I can buy to put on the bottom to help me not slide and break my neck? 

My neck thanks you in advance. ;)


Re: My shoes are slippery!

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    Did you scruff them? Just drag them on the cement. That's what I have done in the past.
  • I was going to suggest dragging them on the concrete as well. Also anywhere that has rocks or bricks will work too. Either do it while wearing them or just take your hands and do it. It really does work just do it several times.
  • I agree, you probably just have to scuff them up a little bit.  Some sandpaper might also work, lol
  • I got some sole stoppers from for my girls to wear on the bottom of their shoes.
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  • XxKrazy4uXxKrazy4u member
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    Also if you dont want to scuff them up you can buy sticky things for the bottom from ALDO for like 5 bucks.
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    [QUOTE]Did you scruff them? Just drag them on the cement. That's what I have done in the past.
    Posted by Melissa51212[/QUOTE]

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  • I suggest the cement thing, that's what I have done to shoes in the past so I don't slip.
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  • Thank you ladies!  "Sticky things" ordered.  :) 

    I thought about scuffing them, but with my luck I would slip/miss and scuff the top!  The shoes have fabric that go down near the bottom.

    As always, you have been a fabulous help.


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