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getaway outfit?

My mom asked me this morning what am I doing for a getaway outfit so I dont have to wear my dress to the hotel after the recption. She says she had one and that it was the best decision because she left the dress with her sister to deal with and didnt have to take it with her.

I hadn't really thought about this...Originally I had planned on getting a second more casual (read short) white dress for the reception, but the one I liked I couldnt get (long story) so unless I find another one I love I wont have a reception dress. Should I still try and find another dress for my 'getaway outfit' anyways? Or bring something comfy instead? Or just wear my wedding dress to the hotel?

What are you ladies doing?

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Re: getaway outfit?

  • Ugh sorry about the poll, it somehow saved on me before I was finished....and it won't let me delete or edit it....

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    I am wearing my wedding gown to the hotel. :)
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    I am going to wear my dress as long as I can. Plus I kind of like the idea of the extra attention at the hotel when we arrive all dressed up Wink
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  • Our reception is in our hotel so I guess my opinion doesn't matter here but I'll be wearing my gown all evening. We're going to have an "after-party" of sorts in the hotel bar and I wasn't planning on changing out of my gown for that either.
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  • I'm planning on just wearing my dress to the hotel, but I'm also going to have a super casual white dress on standby just in case I'm dying to get out of the wedding stuff.
  • We are going home after the reception so I am going to wear my dress. Plus I feel like I paid enough for it so I might as well wear it!
  • I'm wearing my dress from the bridal shower. It's white, so I figure that's a good opportunity to wear it again.
  • i can't see the original post, but i can see mandydc's post and I'm also wearing my rehearsal dress, it's ivory and i'll wear my red Tom's with it.  :)
  • well, now i don't see my first post, but i can see the original post and i thought you meant "getaway to the honeymoon" not "getaway from the reception"

    i will be wearing my wedding dress to our hotel room.  he hasn't said it, but i think FI is looking forward to being able to take my actual wedding dress off  ;)
  • I'll be wearing our wedding dress to the hotel room =]
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  • I am wearing my wedding dress for the whole day. If you want to do a getaway dress and it's in the budget then go for it :)
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  • I actually have to have a different dress to go to the hotel, since the next morning we'll be leaving for our honeymoon, and I can't take the dress with me/don't want to hassle folks with showing up to the hotel to pick it up before we leave. I just got a cute (short) dress from Banana Republic and some semi-fancy no-name flats. I'm still deciding if I should wear them to the rehearsal as well, but it might be pretty casual so I probably won't. I just figure the BR dress is cute enough that I can wear it over again, and since it wasn't that expensive, it's not something that I worried about adding to my overall expenses. If I could wear my wedding dress the whole night, though, I completely would :)
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