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May 2012 Weddings

Recap with one PIP

Hi ladies!  The wedding was amazing!! Here is my recap and a picture at the end.  I don't have my professional ones yet.

The day was amazing! Well I only got about 5 hours of sleep which was killer, I was so tried by the end of the night. We (MOH and I) took a town car over to the hotel where we were going to be getting ready at. The rest of the girls showed up there. My photographer was suppose to show at 12. Since I hadn't heard from her I started calling her at 1140. At 1159 her husband calls me and was at the wrong hotel. When he showed up, he broke the bad news. My fabulous photographer was stuck in Tennessee because her car got broken into yesterday and everything was stolen and she had no way to fly home. I took it pretty well though, he also does photography, though not like her, and he had brought a second shooter (who was nothing special). There was really nothing I could have done anyways. I only got stressed out when my BM's made me late to take pictures, that pissed me off, but I got over it and I was able to get pictures in the church like I wanted. At 245 H(Squee!) and I did around the corner shots, he nearly broke my hand he was squeezing it so tight. The ceremony was so beautiful! Everything went perfectly. My flowers looked great, though not quite how I had imagined them but it worked. The only thing that sucked was we had to hold candles and the hot wax kept dripping on my hand, ouch. Also I got to talk to H throughout the ceremony, it was such a sweet and precious thing. His face was priceless when I walked in, he looked so happy! He didn't cry though and neither did I. He kept telling me how beautiful I looked. Aw! Then we went off to a park to take more pictures where another mishap happened. The two of us were standing in these trees when H felt something biting his leg. He had stepped in a bee's nest. He got bite like 7 times, and he is allergic a bit. We went fleeing from the scene, my dress got caught in my shoe so I was hobbling along screaming "bees! run for you lives!" Lol. Luckily H took some drugs which helped him a little. We left for the reception and had an amazing first dance. We didn't get a chance to practice at all so I was really nervous because it was a swing song and I have a bad habit of leading. But it was perfect. We did a great job except for the end where he went to dip me and because of the bee strings his legs gave out and we fell on the floor. It was really cute though because he kissed me and I wasn't hurt at all. Then we danced the night away! It was truly awesome day!

"Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

Married! May 27th, 2012

Re: Recap with one PIP

  • You look gorgeous, I hope you come back with  more pics.

    UM THAT IS CRAZY about the bees. I would have freaked out. Glad your H is ok, and you guys have that memory of your first meeting!
  • Holy cow!  That sounds like a night you will remember forever.  Bees would have completely freaked me out.



  • Sounds like you will have a lot of great stories to tell your kids/grandkids about your wedding day =] Congrats!
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  • What a crazy day, but glad to hear you didn't let it ruin your day!
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