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Another program question

Programs are taking over my life. Seriously.

I've finally gotten the ceremony approved by the pastor so that part is done, but as I'm about to click order...I was wondering if anyone printed anything at the bottom of them after the ceremony text like "please join us inside after for dinner and dancing" or "reception" at the end? Our ceremony space is literally the golf course green right next to the clubhouse at the country club so guests will just be directed to walk inside for cocktail hour and the reception. I feel like it's almost unfinished if we don't have anything listed for after the ceremony. 

Thanks for answering all of my excessive program posts, I really appreciate all of you! 

Re: Another program question

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    Im not putting anything, I have my order of ceremony and then a list of names (parents officiant, bridal party etc). On the back I have a "special mention section" and thats it. Our Invitations said where the reception was being held (dinner at 500 at reception location) so guests already know, I think it would be redundant to put it on the program again.

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    I agree, since your reception is the same location you don't have to put anything about it on your program. 
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    Yea I don't think you need to put anything.
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