New to Pittsburgh, recently engaged, and starting the planning!!

Hey there! I've been hanging around here for the last week or so, and thought I'd finally speak up and maybe get some opinions!

We're going to be a having a small ceremony/reception, either April 7th 2012 or July 21st 2012 (depends on what venue we're able to get). Our guest list is under 15 people, so when I say small..I really do mean small ;)

We've looked at a few different venues, but most are too big for our needs. Our top pick right now is Hyeholde and our 2nd is Phipps Conservatory. We'd be in the smaller room at Phipps, and although its beautiful, it's a little awkward for a wedding (in my opinion - just basically the set up is awkward).  We also live in Moon Township, so Hyeholde is very close for us too.

We went there last night for dinner and very much enjoyd ourselves. With our small guest list, we'll likely reserve one of their dinning spaces and have a menu printed without prices for our guests. They're also willing to do a full menu for us, which is a plus.

Does anyone have any experience with Hyeholde in regards to weddings? We plan to do the ceremony outside on a stone patio, but we could move inside if the weather dosn't cooporate. They also have both our dates avilable. A search on here brought up the proximity to the airport, and the sounds of planes flying over...anyone have any thoughts on this? We live near the airport and rarely, if ever, hear a plane - it just depends on the wind and flight patterns, but they usually don't fly over our house.

Our next big step - photographer....the search to find a photographer that won't charge full wedding prices for us, since we don't anticipate using them for longer than two hours total.

Thanks for your help ladies!! We're totally new to Pittsburgh as well, so if you have any other venue suggestions I could have missed, I'm all ears!!

Re: New to Pittsburgh, recently engaged, and starting the planning!!

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    Welcome and congrats!!  I know nothing about Hyeholde but hopefully someone else will chime in.

    I can't think of any photographers off the top of my head that prorate, but I'll think about it.
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    Thanks for your help!!
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    I attended a wedding at Hyeholde and from a guest perspective I thought everything was perfect. The atmosphere, food, and service were all spot on. Not much to go on, but I hope that helps.
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    Welcome to the board and congrats! I don't know much about the Hyeholde, other than that my FI is always telling me he needs to take me there! :) And as far as photographers go, your best bet is probably contacting the photographers whose work you like individually, since yours is a pretty unique situation. I'm using Caitlin Thomas, who a number of other girls on this board have also used, and she is awesome! Best of luck.
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  • Congrats!! Happy planning!
    We're Married!! And I couldn't be happier!
  • Hi,

    My friend did a small less than 25 person wedding at Hydeholde a year or so ago.  They said that everything worked out perfectly!!  Good luck
  • Welcome!  I grew up in Moon and really, I don't notice the planes anywhere except when I'm on Business 60 or up at FedEx where my mom works.  I think you'd be fine at the Hydeholde!  
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  • I had my ceremony in the Broderie Room - it was small, but we just had immediate family for the ceremony. It was beautiful and perfect for us. They run a tight ship - the rental times are clearly stated, but they help the even move flawlessly.
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