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Some of My DIY Projects

I don't post on these boards a lot but I come on here just about every day to read everyone elses.  =) 
I thought I'd break out of my shell today and share a few of the things I've worked on lately.  I'm having so much fun!

table numbers using Ikea Tolsby frames and digital paper I bought off of Etsy

a thank you sign that will be displayed on our place card table.  I found the verbage on Pinterest and loved it.  The frame is from Walmart.

"cards" and "please sign our guest book frame" signs.  The frames are from Ikea and again, the paper is from Etsy.

bouquet holders for the receptionfor me and the bridesmaids.  I got the vases from Dollar Tree and wrapped them in washi tape I bought off of Etsy.  Easy peasy!

photo booth bookmark sleeve favors (I attached grey ribbon to the top after I took the picture).  I bought the bookmarks online (can't remember the website offhand) and made the inserts for free off of Vistaprint (150 free postcards). 

bubbles =) I got them at Hobby Lobby while they were 50% off.  Same with the ribbon. 

I still need to make our card box, finish our memorial candle and do a handful of other DIY related things.  No complaints though!  This honestly is the best time of my life thus far.  I love wedding planning!

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Re: Some of My DIY Projects

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    very cute! :) I'm also using the Tolsby frames (pic. #1) as my table numbers. I also opted to use them as our "other signs" (ie. Guestbook,e tc.) -- Had to have a family member buy AND ship them to me since there isn't an ikea in my state (which bites the big one).

    Any whoo...these look great! Can you tell us what the sign in pic. #2 says? The image won't blow up large enough and I might steal your idea! :)
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    Great job on everything! It all looks awesome :)
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    We're using that thank you verbiage from pinterest too! :) Love it, so sweet..
    Everything you made looks FANTASTIC!

    If you get a second, could you look to see where you ordered those bookmark sleeves from? I've been searching everywhere for them!

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    I LOVE the frames...  Super cute!  Everything else looks great as well!

    What does the Thank You Sign say...?  I've been trying to come up with the right words for ours.
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    Thanks so much everyone!  It means a lot to me!  =)  I've seen such creative stuff on here from you girls.  I've been inspired!

    The thank you says:

    To Our Family and Friends...
    It means the world to us to have you here.
    for the support, encouragement, antics
    Love and Laughter
    you have contributed to our lives.
    You are the ones we lean on, our partners in crime
    and FAVORITE
    We hope you enjoy tonight's celebration
    and those we'll share for years to come.

    Also, I purchased the bookmark sleeves from  I got the 2x6 kind.  Hope that helps!!!!
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    Everything look great!! 

    Our favors are the photobooth as well and I incorporated the thank you message (from etsy) into the favors that will be at each table setting.

    I still need to try lace and ribbon on each but it has been a fun project! =o)
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    Love love love them!!! Following you on pinterest now ;)
    Hope to see you more often on our board ;)
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    Nice job on everything!
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    Everything looks so great! You did good!

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    everything looks great :-)
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    You did a great job with everything!
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    Everything looks awesome!  Especially love the table numbers =]
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    Thanks so much!  I truly appreciate it!  
    I have to admit, the table #'s are my favorite as well.  ;) I am really happy with how they turned out.
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